Friday, March 19, 2010

I know better

In theory it should have worked. Baby is born, you take pictures, baby gets bigger, you take pictures....I was all prepared until baby got bigger faster and I didn't take pictures. In an effort to make up for lost time I quickly booked a photo session with a place that has backdrops on wheels. Here's how the the morning went:

- everyone dressed, left the house
- arrive at photo session...poop in pants (even got a little on the onesie but it's ok, it's in back no one will see it), big wet frontal area, rapid change (we are quickly approaching our appointment time)
- get unloaded (2 bags, 2 change of clothes, snacks, water, bottle - check), go inside
- wrong location, load back up
- leave location #1, go wrong direction (we are definitely passing appointment time now but pants need to dry anyway)
- finally arrive at right location, appt time doesn't matter, they are running's spring break and everyone else is there taking their picture
- wait 20+ minutes (don't they know we are approaching lunch and nap time, I keep feeding and moving but I am not leaving afterall I've done to get here), finally get called back
- Kendal does great, Beck gets scared and cries
- take approximately 8 pictures total. Got 1 good one of Kendal but it's so close you can't even tell what she's wearing. 1 ok picture of Beck and Kendal and a picture of Beck where he looks like a combination of scared, about to cry and drool on his shirt.

What in the world made me think I would have time to change their clothes, did I have a brain lapse?! I know better!!! All the planning and effort it took just to get to the place obviously didn't matter by the time we took the pictures. Oh well, there's always next year.

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francesca said...

in theory everything works out every time... then you come back to reality and you realize you have two kids and it always makes for a good story!