Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

While a lot can be said about this photo let's just focus on the color of the pool. No, we did not dye it for St. Patrick's Day but that sounds a lot cooler. Unfortunately a part is broken and none of the 3 pool stores that Brian went to stocked the part. So I continue to watch the pool get greener and greener until the piece is fixed. Nevertheless it will not be green for long so c'mon over die hard Irish fans and take a dip.

Both of the kids started out in green and Beck actually managed to not get his shirt too messy. Kendal however changed at least 3 times today (I even had to tell her she could only try on 1 more dress because we had to go - the other ones didn't twirl enough), can you believe it starts so young...she's 3?!

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