Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good things

Since I wanted to forget that whole picture experience I neglected to update the blog but there were actually some positive things that did happen in the last week.

1)I got another Kendal and Beckett picture (ok so I gave him a pretzel right before, oops)
2) I love watching Kendal push her trucks (those are monster trucks inside the big truck) around in her dress, it just makes me laugh at her interest in things. Yesterday while having breakfast together I asked her if she dreamt about anything she said, "I dreamt about Monster Trucks" and tonight she said she was going to dream about Monster Mutt and Batman.

3) Kendal has really been wanting to do everything herself with no help from us. I love her determination and her individuality (unfortunately it does come back to haunt me - after all she is 3). One example is picking out her clothes, it makes for some interesting outfits...

Oh and in this picture taken right before getting in the car on the way to school she said, "I'm going to take My Little big Pony."

Yep, that's a velvet dress from Christmas...last year. She was probably sweltering all day but she never complained. Did I mention she wore the same dress to a friend's party a couple nights before but that night she wore the pink bunny ears too.

4) Brian took the kids on another train ride through the mall.

5) I love watching him grow and explore, he learns so much every day!

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Life with Claire said...

cracking up about the photo session. awesome! =P the kiddos are too cute. love kendal's green dress!