Sunday, October 26, 2008


A favorite pastime, Kendal in Target. Did you know that for $1.50 you can get popcorn and a drink...I've never heard her be so quiet and really how else would I get my shopping done?

Today I attempted to plant flowers but somehow got my attention refocused on Kendal when she saw Brian's skateboard. While I was gathering my planting supplies Kendal saw the skateboard sitting in the garage and said, "Kendal on the surfboard" (don't even ask me where she learned CA beach babe). So, I brought it out of the garage and went around the corner when I came back she was standing on it. Needless to say, my flowers never got planted.

Daddy was so proud with this photo! Kendal goes over to the guitar and says, "daddy's guitar." Daddy couldn't move fast enough to put the guitar in her hands. I'm sure he will teach her Guitar Hero and they will be battling it out in no time.

Okay this was a dry run for Halloween. Surprisingly Kendal didn't mind the costume but over time the neckline did get a little stretched making for a somewhat ghetto Snow White. Nevertheless she will be wearing it on Halloween, boys turn your heads.

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