Monday, October 13, 2008

Back in business

Horray, the camera works and it doesn't have a black dot on the lens! Today was also the day that I actually got Kendal to wear a bow that she didn't take it out (being an infant doesn't count). Honestly I think she thought it looked pretty because she would tell me she had a "bow in".

Here are a few pics from today. As you can see Kendal loves this alligator (so much that when we put it in the shower to "hide" it from her she says, "alligator in the shower"). She also has been really excited about purses lately...she carries them around on her sholder with her arm sticking straight up as if it's going to fall off. This picture was taken today after she found my purse from Saturday night. Oh and check out the photo where I am taking the picture (but don't judge...we just got back from the gym), she's totally smiling!

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