Sunday, October 19, 2008

"It's totally normal"

That's the phrase that people swear by but forget normal...what about my sanity? Today was the first day that for a split second I actually thought I could stick Kendal out with a sign that read, "Free to good home". What is it about kids and sleep or is it the infamous "Terrible Twos/Threes" I keep hearing about?!? Whatever the heck it is it's, it's exhausting. As Brian headed out for the airport tonight I knowingly asked him when I actually see the benefits of our discipline...oh yeah, in about 25 years (+/-). Are our parents really laughing at us for some sort of payback for our own screw ups in life...but this is only the beginning...hmmm.

Update...after several hours of sleep Kendal is back to her normal, happy self that we all love and adore. Today she met two of her friends at the park and then we went to the bookstore so she could play with the trains and we could read some books.

Oh and Kendal's toe is doing better with the antibiotics, thankfully!


Anonymous said...

Seriously! parker is constantly testing me and I think how in the world will I make it threw the day without going NUTS... Once he is in bed I usually laugh about all the tests but SERIOUSLY where do they pick that stuff up.

Michelle said...

Okay when I first saw your post I saw the "anonymous" and thought you were the only brave sole to respond to my lack of motherhood patience...ha.
Yes, where do they get this? I was also reading that it's 2 1/2 that's tough b/c after the 18 months of trial testing they are now truely testing their independence...AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful....ahh...the joys of life!! sarah

Anonymous said...

We should be offended that you think we parents laugh while you suffer through the terrible two stage! (There is a strong possiblilty, though, that you hear us snicker every once in a while!) :-) Remember: "This, too, shall pass" and it does. Karen