Sunday, January 23, 2011


As the first month of 2011 is quickly coming to an end I thought it might be a good opportunity to start my new year's resolution, to attend church more often (even if I went twice it would be more often than I went in 2010, so basically I can only go up, right?). I decide that today is the day. I work like hell to make it to service so with 10 minutes until service starts I head out the door with Kendal and Beckett. I am torn, I would like to try one church but I am not quite sure if they have childcare, the other church I know does (but given the pictures I saw online everyone looks quite old and even the "after service" section didn't look too thrilling) but do I turn it down just because everyone looks old on the website? Both are close so I decide on the younger looking Christian Church, I do a drive by (because of course I do not have enough time before the service starts to do a thorough investigation), I don't see any kids going in. Dang, church number 2 it is. I drive like hell because by now I have approximately 2 minutes until service starts and that's not taking into account that I have to check my children in the classroom. We arrive and pretty much run to the sanctuary after all I have no idea where the childcare is but it is a church so someone is more than happy to help, right? Luckily I find a guy and he does, whew. I check Kendal and Beckett in (separate classrooms so it takes an extra 5 minutes). Beckett cries but I leave and head to the sanctuary at least 10 minutes late, everyone is standing and so I quickly grab a seat. I think, "OK I've made it now I can breath." I glance around the sanctuary, yep, I am the youngest by at least 50 years the website definitely did not lie. Time for Hymn and I sing, the pastor takes over and begins to talk but of course I start coughing, sporadically at first and then full on. Are you kidding? I get up, move through the people and excuse myself to the restroom because by now my eyes are watering and I can't stop coughing. I gather my breath and head back out but continue coughing. Oh man, I think, I can't go back in there, they're probably all thinking...1) who is this young chick and 2) she's gonna get me sick. So I hang by the water fountain (I can still hear the service so I consider it acceptable), I sit down behind the doors and basically in the hallway. Even though the pastor was a guest pastor from the sister church in Mexico and spoke Spanish with an interpreter (pausing even 3 words to translate), in between my coughing fits and missing the first part of the hour, I decide that I still attended church and I am well into my New Year's Resolution. However, I just might try another church next week. Stay tuned;)

Kendal and Beckett at a Birthday party this weekend (Becks apparently put down one spoon for the picture).

The birthday girl turns 2 (too funny)!

Beckett is all about football so when he sees a helmet he pats his head and says, "football". Tonight he pointed to the helmet and said football so on it went.

Kendal went to a birthday party at a Karate place, she loved it. The kids did fun moves and played a few games with the teacher but poor Kendal, she is always the shortest.

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