Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whose Day?!

Baseball game - check
Hotdogs and beer - check
The mall (but not any mall, the overcrowded outlet mall) for lunch - check
The PGA Superstore to buy golf clubs - check
Oh wait, was it Father's Day?


Binford Family said...

Michelle, this is Stevi- I love catching your blog when I get the chance. The kids are getting so big. This post makes me laugh out loud. If you guys are ever in Arlington this summer we would love to have your family over, the boys are about the same age and that would be fun! Kendal could feed the horses, and maybe ride one if you let her- she would love that. Here is our blog www.binfordfamilyfun.blogspot.com Take care!

Binford Family said...

yes Michelle you can add us. Hope to see you guys soon.

Anonymous said...

Alexis told us all about your big mothers day events. Sounds FUN! At least they remmebered as Doug completely forgot and then tried to tell me the phone he got me was for my birthday/mothers day and that they celebrate mothers day on Monday not Sunday in senegal. He has been trying to make up for it every since. I thnk I have forgave him but I might just let hm sweat it out for the rfest of the week.

Cathy said...

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