Monday, October 26, 2009

On a whim...

Late Friday afternoon...Brian comes home from work and says, "now before you say anything just hear me out." So far I don't like where this is going but being the attentive wife I am, I listen. He continues, "how can we get to the TCU vs. BYU football game this weekend (in Utah)." Now, two things come to mind when I hear this...1) he has already figured out the details and he is trying to convince me to go and 2) can no one else go (I am thinking Dave since he also is obsessed with TCU football and lives in Phoenix)? After 45 minutes of arranging the kids, airplane, hotel and car (and yes, he already looked at all of these variables) we get in the car to drop off the kids to the grandparents (I mean really who else besides grandparents would take the kids for an overnight last minute - did I mention that Beckett gets up twice at night and is just starting to adjust to the bottle). It is practically on the way down to Tucson that Brian mentions that Dave is coming too. Anyway, Saturday morning we head out...

Brian and Dave at the airport Saturday morning. Notice the white stick out of Dave's backpack? Oh yes, that is the TCU flag for the car.

Of course we have to buy beer to "tailgate"

Have you ever been to a college football game where you don't see anybody drinking beer in the parking lots? Everyone was so nice but they definitely looked.

Another TCU friend: Ryan, Brian and Dave

Can you guess who the third wheel was?

In the end it was all worth it and we had a blast...Go Frogs!


Kristen said...

you guys are hilarious! love it!

Sarah, Douglas and Parker said...

looks like a blast...what a good game! Go Frogs

Anonymous said...

What a great time!! Yes, the grandparents and the E's LOVED having K at the U of A game. She was terrific!!!