Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Busy

Today we went over to a friend's house for some water fun. The kids had a blast and daddy did such a good job filling in for mommy who surprisingly did not want to get into her bathing suit.

This is only part of the slide, can you believe they own this and why is this the last weekend they are using it before fall (it's still 100 here)?!

Tripp and Beckett playing together while TCU was pulling out a victory.

Kendal leading Beckett and the horse stampede (notice the gloves and she also has her lip gloss in her hand). Note - it seems as though Beckett isn't dressed that often but he really is it's just most pictures are taken in the morning after I've stripped him down to eat (since he gets food everywhere)!

This picture also cracks me up because we are about to take Kendal to school and she is obviously instructing him on something and (he thinks she's the greatest, it's only a matter of time before he figures out she bosses him around and he's getting the short end of the stick).

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Binford Family said...

I am not seeing any Bonjour in that Beckett! Too cute! Your children are beautiful! And that last picture of Miss Bossy- that's my favorite!