Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Girls Weekend

Every year my college girlfriends and I plan on getting together for an annual trip. Unfortunately this year was only the second time we actually did it (last time was in Vegas 8 years ago, that trip was at a little different pace than this was one was for me). We rented a house in Austin, hung out for the weekend, laughed about our college days and shared hopes for our future. It was easy to see how we all became friends in the first place, I am truly fortunate to have these girls in my life.

Daddy was on duty and did an excellent job hanging with the kids. They ran errands, went to the aquarium and even surprised me at the airport with this awesome sign Kendal made - which is the greatest gift.

Getting a group picture is not easy despite what you might think. We did set the timer but somehow we were a little off on the timing and it is less than perfect. I hope Anne doesn't kill me for posting this one but we were all in it, sorry.

Me with my two friends, Courtney and Trudy, we are all due within weeks of each other.

Cheers with our non-alcoholic beers. I can't say the rest of the girls drank this;)

Almost everyone minus one girl who had to leave, we missed you Sarah!

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Life with Claire said...

austin!! love it there...used to live there! =) looks like you had a nice trip.