Wednesday, August 4, 2010


While Kendal has been in heaven at "camp" (aka - Grammie and Grandpa's house) Beckett and I have been paling around together. Today while getting ready to run errands I was loading the car seat in the car. I knew Beckett was in the garage but didn't think much of it until I heard him cry, I looked but couldn't find him...anywhere. The engines weren't running so I followed the cry until I found him under daddy's Jeep. That's right he was stuck under the car and I had to practically crawl under there to pull him out. Note to self, check check check!!!

X marks the spot where he bumped his head (this picture was taken 5 hours after he bumped his head, you can imagine how black it was after he did it, ha).

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Life with Claire said...

oh my word beckett! what a doozy!! poor sweetie. BOYS! =P