Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A few pics from this week

Believe it or not but Kendal is actually having fun with her brother (of course he adores her). I'm not sure how the school bus ended up this way but it provided some new entertainment... for a couple of minutes anyway!

This is Kendal and her friends at a playdate today. The funny thing is the last time they were over the first thing they wanted to do was put on Kendal's dresses and shoes, then the princess dresses (Thanks Eve and Chloe). I laugh because I can't ever see Beckett and his friends doing this, at least I hope not!

Beckett and Kyle at Peter Piper yesterday. Kyle is only 3 weeks younger but doesn't Beck look so much bigger? Of course he did have a bottle, a bowl of rice cereal and vegetables and a breadstick for lunch.

When she's in the mood for her picture to be taken she's in the mood!

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