Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

It's that time, cheesy holiday pictures. I swear I should start taking the kids each year to this and make this their once a year photo so I can keep track of their growth (since we all know their 3-year and 6 month photos didn't go well).

Easter - Unfortunately I posted these pics backwards (it has been too long) but you get the idea. Sunday we met with some out of town friends up at their resort. The kids played while the adults ate/drank. We looked over several minutes later and Kendal was raking the sand trap. Nice work honey, you must get practice when you go play with daddy;)

All the kids enjoying the bubbles: Beckett, Eve, Chloe and Kendal. Sorry that was the best picture I got, clearly I was slacking on picture duty.

After breakfast at the clubhouse we had an Easter Egg hunt and amazingly Kendal got some eggs for herself and some for Beckett.

The family picture. I only posted this because of the kids, Beckett is in his own world smiling and is Kendal not looking hilarious?!

Time for the Easter baskets, don't look so excited!

This picture was actually from the day before, it was taken at the hotel pool. Beckett was enjoying some time at the water spouts unlike his sister he doesn't mind water on his face.

Hailey and Kendal

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