Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pony Party

We had Kendal's Pony Party over the weekend to celebrate her 3rd Birthday! We decided to have a pony appear at the party to give the kids a ride, as you can imagine it was a hit. All the kids waited patiently in line for a turn (which is not easy to do if you're between the ages of 1-4). I tried to take a picture of every kid on the pony but most of them were looking down because they were so fascinated with Stormy.

Nana came all the way from Texas to give Kendal the blinged out birthday outfit

Kendal's friends


francesca said...

you are obviously ready to move to Texas
Happy Birthday Kendal! Hugs from Emma

Lanny and Carolyn said...

Great party! That is a fabulous outfit, she's a true cowgirl! Miss you guys!

Sarah, Douglas, Parker & Eloise said...

what a fun party and love the outfit!

Life with Claire said...

so cute!!! i love the pony! awesome!