Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last week

Just when I thought I was getting back in the groove, wham, my Internet stops working. Of course it's a fairly easy fix but as you know it's not fairly easy to get someone out here to fix it! Needless to say I am back up and running and thankful to be back in touch with the rest of the world.

To recap the week it was business as, dance, playgroups, tutus, Snow White, Wonder Woman and Monster Jam. Yep, you heard me right, Monster Jam. Don't get me wrong Kendal is completely into her pretty princess phase but she also loves monster trucks, cars and trains. It's a great balance and she always keeps us entertained, she is such a character. A few of our friends were taking their kids to Monster Jam so of course we thought Kendal would appreciate it (since she asks to watch this and bull riding on TV). Well, that was an understatement, she LOVED it! She told me all morning about it and she even said that Batman couldn't be my favorite because it was hers (his truck shoots out fire). I am seeing a tradition developing...

The big event

The kids. They took the train to the arena and back so it was a good time all the way around, apparently they all had their monster trucks with them. I am proud to say that Kendal was the only girl.

Rock on. Daddy is trying to make Kendal tough before the big event (she doesn't look so sure about it). I think we need to work on this sign for next time.

He didn't go but he got to hang out with mommy and friends instead. Don't worry Beck, next year you will be there too.

My parents also came up for a day. The won't be able to make it to Kendal's 3rd Birthday so they brought presents and we celebrated before the big day.

Funny, this picture was taken 30 mins before she left for the monster trucks.

Grammie and Grandpa got her an art easel. Not only does she love it because it's fun but it's also great use of her imagination and creativity...great present (that's a road that she's drawn).

Very busy

Another day at school

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Life with Claire said...

she is so cute! i love her piggies. one curls one way and one flops another way! lol! claire has an easel too. fun but what a mess!