Monday, November 24, 2008

Vegas baby Vegas

Love the sweatshirt with the earrings? But hey, fashion faux pauxs happen when you're willing to sacrifice your outfit for comfort...ladies you know what I'm talkin' about.

I'm surprised this picture even remotely came out (which is probably good since I look exhausted)...I had to tell the guy which way the camera faced after pointing it at himself and saying, ready.

This was waiting for us when we got to our room, a great way to start the evening. By the way our room was huge, it had 2 bathrooms, speakers in the bathroom area (which Brian thought was great that he didn't have to miss football while in the shower) and the closet was bigger than ours at home.
Over the weekend my fantastic husband took me on a surprise trip to Vegas. As it turns out he "had" a charity golf tournament to play in so he arranged for my parents to watch Kendal and he whisked me away. Since we didn't have Kendal we were determined to tear up Vegas like we unsuccessfully did several weeks ago when we were there with Kendal for the TCU game. We stayed out late, slept in, had a few adult beverages and I know why I don't do this often...or ever. I have to mention while I was losing at "my game," roulette, Brian was on fire...he even bet 8 twice and it hit twice - that's insane. While furthering my losing streak at the craps table I opted for just watching Brian the next night. Thankfully he was winning money while I was losing it. Next time I'll just go straight to the shops and actually get something in return for my money!

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Kristen said...

AWE!! so sweet!! glad you guys had so much fun. i love the greeting card video by the way. NICE!