Thursday, August 28, 2008

What She's Doing Now

August 2008 (18 1/2 months)

Kendal is currently fascinated with....jumping, she wants to jump on everything…the couch, the bed and even the floor.

She loves to say... “I dropped it” (when she drops something) and “up the stairs” (when she wants to go up or down the stairs).

She recently did something so funny/cute when she...crosses her arms and frowns. It’s not always so cute but sometimes it’s really hard not to laugh.

The personality trait I see beginning to develop that is rather new is...her testing me, I’ll say no and she’ll look at me to see if I’m going to do something about it. I also see her understanding what I’m saying (I’ll say Kendal, where’s my shoes and she’ll go find them and bring them to me). She really tries to communicate with me and if I don’t understand what she is saying she’ll look at me and keep repeating her sentence until I give a reaction.

Her favorite toy of the moment is...jumping castle that a friend had, she also really likes her Curious George right now and her barn where she can put the blocks in the slots (and of course the animals).

I can occupy her easy by...???

Kendal's favorite time of day is...after she gets up from her nap, she's so perky!When Kendal is in a bad mood, she...Kicks her legs, screams and says “NO”!

She melts my heart when...I say, “I love you” and she says, “love you” back at me.

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