Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Last week Brian and I were lucky enough to go to Maui for a few days - (a million thanks to Grammie and Grandpa who made EVERYTHING possible)!!!!!!!!  It was so beautiful and we really enjoyed our time together just relaxing (I got to actually read a book)!

Brian and I went hiking not once but twice, that's right...twice (the most physical activity we've ever done together)!  Here is a picture on our second hike... the photo does not appear impressive but we were hiking up the mountain overlooking a river on one side and the ocean down below.  In fact we hiked up high enough to be "in" the clouds so our 5 mile hike could've stopped at 2 miles...the best part of the hike...but stopping halfway was not an option.  

Hiking the first day led us to a waterfall. The sign reads: "Danger Falling Rocks - Unsafe Beyond This Point."  Brian is such a daredevil.

Brian in the bamboo forest

Our hotel lobby
Really...does it get any better than this?!?!?!

Our hotel pool
If you make it here ask for Terry, she's best and quite the character!

So here's the funny part... Ironically Alcon's President's Club trip just happened to be in Hawaii not only at the same time as us but they were at the Grand Wailea, 2 doors down from us!!!  Even though we had a few Alcon people sightings we managed not be too noticed.  However, while driving down the road we looked over only to find the Alcon bus next to us, I HAD to take a picture (Brian didn't even look, haha).  

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