Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Despite Kendal asking me over and over if we can go somewhere for Easter we ended up in Phoenix. Grammie and Grandpa met us at church which just so happened to be the longest service ever and they didn't even stop the service for the fireman who had to come in midway to help out an older gentlemen. Then we had lunch, went to the park to play and just enjoyed being together.

Don't judge the decor or lack thereof

We hit an Easter egg hunt on Saturday at church, they had lots of games and fun things for the kids - they had a ball

Beckett, Kendal, Ella and Ady

Cam at the egg hunt. How typical for this age is this?! I don't need to tell you he didn't get many eggs, haha

We dyed eggs with Grammie and surprisingly it held Cam's attention (Notice his hands).

Everyone worked so hard

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