Sunday, November 22, 2009


Most of our weekend was consumed with getting Kendal back up to par from her fever/coughing/runny nose mess but I am thinking we might have turned a corner (at least I hope). Besides the doughnut run this morning (where she ate all her chocolate frosting off the top of the doughnut and discarded the rest) I managed to get Kendal happy and actually willing to pose for the camera. I was beginning to wonder where she came up with those moves when I realized I watch a show called, America's Next Top Model. I honestly think she watches the girls pose for the camera on the show and imitates them - since we all know I am not doing this!!!

Fashion side note - check out her shoes, aren't they hilarious? They're like flip flop them! Also, Kendal has been wearing her pretty princess sparkle dress for 4 days (yes I said 4 days) in a row now, my washing machine hasn't stopped. I will let her wear it everyday for the rest of her life if it makes her feel pretty. I guess the ever dependable "little black dress" starts even at this age.

Don't ya just love this face?!


Lanny and Carolyn said...

Pop....are you sure you're not posing like that? I love her little attitude! And Mr Beckett's smile is just too cute! Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving! Miss you!

Francesca & Mark said...

Crackin' me up once again!